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China High Reliability Pneumatic Three-piece Ball Valve - Compact Design

The Pneumatic Threaded Three-Piece Ball Valve offers a compact design, making it ideal for industrial applications with limited space. The reliable performance of this valve is crucial for maintaining production continuity and minimizing maintenance costs. With its three-piece construction, it provides easy access for maintenance and repairs, further reducing downtime. The pneumatic operation ensures quick and efficient control, enhancing overall productivity. With a focus on high reliability and compact design, this ball valve is a dependable and efficient solution for a wide range of industrial applications.

    High Reliability Pneumatic Three-piece Ball Valve - Compact Design

    High Reliability Pneumatic Three-piece Ball Valve - Compact Design

    High Reliability Pneumatic Three-piece Ball Valve - Compact Design

    Pneumatic threaded three-piece ball valve - high reliability in compact design. In many industrial applications, space is often very limited, so a compact ball valve design is particularly important. At the same time, the reliability of this valve is also a key factor in ensuring production continuity and reducing maintenance costs.


    Technical parameters:

    1. Working pressure:  1.6 MPa to 6.4 MPa (the details needs to be confirmed according to the manufacturer's specifications).

    2. Working temperature:  -20℃ to +150℃, suitable for a variety of working conditions.

    3. Control signal: standard 4-20mA current signal or air pressure signal, compatible with automation systems.

    4. Applicable media: water, gas, oil and certain chemicals.

    5. Flow capacity: Designed to provide good flow control and reduce pressure loss.

    6. Drive mode: pneumatic, double-acting or single-acting actuators can be selected.


    Specification, model and material & size:

    1. Connection method: threaded connection, convenient for direct connection of small-diameter pipes.

    2. Size: DN15 to DN50.

    3. Valve body material: stainless steel, carbon steel or other alloy materials, selected according to the corrosiveness of the medium.

    4. Ball material: usually stainless steel or other materials selected according to specific applications.

    5. Sealing material: PTFE, VITON or other high-performance synthetic materials can be used to ensure the sealing effect.

    6. Actuator material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel or cast iron, selected according to valve size and operating frequency.

    Through careful design and material selection, the pneumatic threaded three-piece ball valve provides efficient and reliable performance, especially suitable for applications with strict space requirements and fast response.