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China Precision Control with Pneumatic Threaded Three-Piece Ball Valve

    Precision Control with Pneumatic Threaded Three-Piece Ball Valve

    Precision Control with Pneumatic Threaded Three-Piece Ball Valve

    Precision Control with Pneumatic Threaded Three-Piece Ball Valve

    Precise flow management - Pneumatic threaded three-piece ball valves are used. In situations where precise flow control is required, such as chemical processing, food processing and other industries, pneumatic threaded three-piece ball valves can provide precise control capabilities to ensure efficient and safe processes. This type of ball valve is particularly suitable for industrial applications that require both fast response and precise flow control.


    Technical parameters:

    1. Working pressure: usually 1.6 to 6.4 MPa, depending on the specifications and process of the ball valve.

    2. Working temperature: The suitable temperature range is usually -20℃ to +150℃, suitable for a variety of working conditions.

    3. Control signal: It can receive standard 4-20mA current signal or air pressure signal, which is easy to integrate into the automation system.

    4. Applicable media: It can handle water, gas, oil and a variety of chemicals, and has good media adaptability.

    5. Flow capacity: It provides linear flow characteristics, which helps to achieve fine flow adjustment.

    6. Drive mode: It is driven by compressed air, and double-acting or single-acting actuators are optional.


    Specification, Material & Size:

    1. Connection method: Threaded connection, providing an easy-to-install solution, especially for small-diameter pipes.

    2. Diameter: Usually between DN15 and DN50, the appropriate size can be selected according to system requirements.

    3. Valve body material: stainless steel, carbon steel or other alloy materials to meet the needs of different working environments.

    4. Ball material: usually stainless steel or special alloys to ensure long-term durability and adapt to corrosive media.

    5. Sealing material: usually high-performance synthetic materials such as PTFE and VITON are used to provide excellent sealing effects.

    6. Actuator material: may be made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel or cast iron, etc., depending on the valve size and operating requirements.


    In short, precise flow management - using pneumatic threaded three-piece ball valve, through its design advantages, makes the pneumatic threaded three-piece ball valve an ideal solution for precise flow management. Specific technical parameters, specifications and material dimensions should be obtained from the product data sheet or manufacturer to ensure that the ball valve that best suits your specific application needs is selected.