Electric Lining Fluorine Ball Valve

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Ball valves are made of spheres with circular through holes. The spheres rotate with the stem around the center line of the valve body to open and close the valve. The series of ball valves in our factory are Q41 type, which is a two-piece structure.

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1. Adopting special moulding technology to make the sealing surface dense and good, plus V-PTFE packing combination, the valve achieves zero leakage.

2. The sphere and the valve stem are cast as a whole, which eliminates the possibility of the valve stem rushing out of the pressure parts due to the pressure change, and guarantees the safety in use fundamentally.

3. All-plastic lining technology is adopted, which is resistant to strong corrosion of medium.


design code

Follow GB/T 12237, API 6D standard


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Manual Lining Fluorine Ball Valve, Worm Wheel Rotating Lining Fluorine Ball Valve, Pneumatic Lining Fluorine Ball Valve, Electric Lining Fluorine Ball Valve

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