Common Valve Knowledge I

一 Butterfly valve

The disc of butterfly valve is a disc, which rotates around an axis in the seat. The angle of rotation is the opening and closing degree of the valve. Its advantages are lightweight, simple structure, material saving compared with other valves, quick opening and closing, cutting and throttling can be used, fluid resistance is small, operation is labor-saving, can be made into a large caliber. Butterfly valves are widely used in hot water pipelines. Where butterfly valves can be used, it is better not to use gate valves, because butterfly valves are more economical than gate valves and have good regulation.

Butterfly valve


二 Diaphragm valve

The diaphragm valve is used to isolate the air passage by pressing the elastomer film tightly on the seat by the valve stem. Rotating the handwheel can drive the stem up and down, so that the diaphragm leaves the seat to open the valve or make the diaphragm press tightly on the seat to close the valve. Its application occasions are ultra-pure water, ultra-pure water requires no dead angle in the flow pipeline; second, there are impurities of sewage, solution, etc., particle ball valve in the liquid is easy to wear and tear and leak, the upper and lower closure of the diaphragm valve greatly avoids this problem, and diaphragm can be replaced after long-term use.

Diaphragm valve


三 Angle valve

Angular valve body is right-angled, valve body has a seat and sealing surface, generally for the bottom in and out side. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and good sealing effect. With self-cleaning function, the valve body is not easy to accumulate dirt, not suitable for plugging, suitable for controlling high viscosity media, high pressure difference and media containing suspended matter and particulate matter. The disadvantage is that it is prone to unstable valve core oscillation.

Diaphragm valve


四 Pneumatic Film Regulating Valve 

The actuator of pneumatic film control valve has positive and negative effects. The positive effect is that when the pressure increases, the valve stem moves downward, and the pressure enters the film chamber above the corrugated diaphragm. Reaction means that when the pressure increases, the valve stem moves upward, and the pressure is the film chamber under the corrugated diaphragm.

Angle valve


Pneumatic Film Regulating Valve

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