One day tour of Like valve group in Tianjin

On January 11, 2020, after the annual meeting, Like valve organized all employees to have a tour together. Like valve is a company in Tianjin. Although employees have been working in Tianjin, they are usually busy with production and delivery, and have not really understood Tianjin.

So the leaders organized this one-day tour of Tianjin to knew the story of Tianjin, the culture of Tianjin and the places of interest of Tianjin.


(porcelain house)


After the tour, the colleagues enhanced their mutual understanding, enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, and thanked the company for its efforts.

All employees of Like valve welcome you to Tianjin to visit the factory  the reputation and historic sites of Tianjin.

Post time: Jan-17-2020

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