Bonomi North America Launches New “Skid Series” Industrial Wafer Ball Valve Components

Bonomi’s “Skid Series” wafer valve components can provide standard full port ball and optional V-ball components.
Factory engineers and skid system manufacturers are always looking for ways to make their systems more compact, lighter, more efficient and more economical. Our directly installed ASME/ANSI Class 150 disc ball valves and valve components can meet these needs and more.
Our new 723/724 “Slide Series” valve body uses less steel, which means that the cost of each valve is lower than other wafers on the market. The valve’s low torque design allows the use of smaller, more compact and efficient actuators. This saves space in the system, while reducing material (such as pipe support) and labor costs. They are available in stainless steel or carbon steel.
The standard full bore ball provides the most effective medium flow, which is far superior to butterfly valves. There is almost no pressure loss because the internal dimensions of the valve are equal to the internal dimensions of an unobstructed pipeline.
723/724 “Skid Series” also provides 30-60°, 60° and 90° V port configurations. The “Skid series” valve adopts pneumatic and electric actuators, and adopts a “deadman” spring return handle assembly.
Bonomi’s Valbia brand actuators are produced at the company’s manufacturing plant in Italy. Bonomi is the world’s only manufacturer of ball valves, electric actuators and pneumatic actuators. Bonomi actuators and valves can work together to provide buyers with better performance and a single source of responsibility when choosing an automated valve kit
For more information about Bonomi “Ski Series” wafer ball valves or other Bonomi products, please contact Bonomi North America at (704) 412-9031, or visit
Since 2003, Bonomi North America has provided services in the United States and Canada and is part of the Bonomi Group in Brescia, Italy. The brands of the Bonomi Group include Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi (RB) brass ball valves and check valves; and Valpres carbon steel and stainless steel ball valves; Valbia pneumatic and electric industrial actuators, and Frabo fittings for piping and industrial systems. Bonomi North America maintains an extensive distribution network for these products from its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina
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Post time: Nov-23-2020

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