Characteristics of penstock

The so-called pressure pipeline refers to the use of pressure to transport gas, liquid, etc.

But not all pipes can be called pressure pipes.

Two conditions:

1. Pressure > = 0.1MPa (gauge pressure)

2. Pipe DN > = 25mm


1. The pressure pipe is a system, pulling one engine and moving the whole body.

2. The ratio of length to diameter of pipeline is very large, which is easy to lose stability, and the stress situation is more complex than that of pressure vessel.

3. The flow state of the fluid in the pipeline is complex, the buffer space is small, and the change frequency of the working conditions is higher than that of the pressure vessel (such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, displacement deformation, wind, snow, earthquake, etc., which may affect the stress of the pressure pipeline).

4. There are many kinds of pipe components and pipe supports, each material has its own characteristics and specific technical requirements, and the material selection is complex.

5. There are more possible leakage points on the pipeline than on the pressure vessel. Generally, there are five points on a single valve.

6. There are many types and quantities of pressure pipes, and there are many links in design, manufacturing, installation, inspection and application management, which are quite different from pressure vessels.

Post time: Feb-15-2020

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