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Scrambled eggs are easy to make for breakfast, but you can do very little.
From serving them food on a hot plate like Alton Brown, adding Bobby Flay, Heston Blumenthal and Lidela Ree Drummond and other smoked salmon, here are the famous chef’s scrambled eggs recipe.
There are many ways to cook perfect eggs, but the most famous chefs in the world have their own methods.
You might expect these chefs to go all out to use bizarre egg recipes, extravagant cooking methods or the most advanced ingredients, but their tips and techniques for making scrambled eggs are very simple.
Bobby Flay has many recipes. He shared the skills of perfect cast iron scrambled eggs, recipes for making scrambled eggs with goat cheese, and even the Internet tried to master Gato’s famous scrambled eggs.
However, if you want the most basic Bobby Flay scrambled egg recipe, don’t miss his brunch eggs. The special ingredients of his “best scrambled eggs” are smoked salmon, green onions and goat cheese butter.
Her recipe is humbly named “the best scrambled eggs ever”, and it uses smoked salmon and chopped chives to make special dishes. Apart from its add-in, the recipe is very simple. To differentiate herself, she recommends passing the eggs through a mesh filter and topping them with toasted bagels.
Low and slow “like a barbecue” is the key to Sunny Anderson’s perfect scrambled eggs. Food Network’s character first adds a tablespoon of water to her eggs (she used twelve tablespoons in the recipe), and then stirs the eggs until they become nice and foamy.
After the eggs are cooked halfway through, Anderson adds a pinch of salt and pepper, and cooks for a while-but before they dry out-she adds a lot of shredded cheese.
She said: “For me, when you eat cheesy eggs when you go to dinner, you don’t want to sprinkle them with cheese, but put some cheese in-put them together.”
The chef who turned from a model to a chef has caused a sensation in her recipes, but her scrambled egg recipes are passed to you directly from Instagram. In a 2015 article, Teigen told followers how to make cheesy scrambled eggs without cheese. Her trick? A “rich splash” of heavy cream.
Florence posted an Instagram in 2012 to briefly introduce how to make the ideal scrambled eggs, but he has since improved his egg game. His new method involves adding an egg yolk to the batch.
He told POPSUGAR in 2018: “I make scrambled eggs and fried eggs in the same way. These are three eggs and one yolk, so it is rich and very, very yellow. I put them in the pot and add full fat butter. , May be a tablespoon “I also like to add some cream or sour cream and some sea salt to the eggs. ”
She said in a cooking video called “Scrambled Eggs 101″ on MarthaStewart.com: “If you really have good eggs, then you don’t need eggs at all.”
For her diet, the most important factors are low calories and continuous exercise. In order to get the perfect batch, you just need to move the egg after putting it in the butter pan.
The food network host spent four years, forcing contestants to be creative when cooking, torturing contestants on the “cut-throat kitchen”. No wonder the tricks he made for the perfect scrambled eggs are technical.
His straightforward formula calls for the addition of whole milk, but he does emphasize the importance of cooking them in a pot and serving them on a warm plate.
The famous chef uses French shortbread to make creamy scrambled eggs and says to eat it on toast. This is not the easiest recipe ever, but people who have tried it claim that the egg will melt in your mouth.
Lagasse’s programs “Emeril Live” and “Essence of Emeril” caused a sensation, but he didn’t give up the scrambled egg recipe until 2015.
When publishing the “Essential Emeril” recipe, he shared the three rules you need to know to cook a perfect batch of scrambled eggs: stir well, wait until the right time to stir, and then put them on a warm plate and serve.
A heavy whisk and a pan with butter and oil are the keys to Adam Richman’s fluffy scrambled eggs.
Chef Adam Richman believes that once you beat the eggs more, once they are cooked, they will become softer and softer.
You will need to break a few eggs into a bowl, add a little milk, and stir until the mixture is frothy. Next, pour the mixture into the pot and lubricate it with a mixture of butter and oil. Let the egg sit for a while so that it starts to set, and then drag the edge toward the center to make the egg fluffy. The most important step is to remove the eggs after they are cooked. The remaining heat in the pot will complete the cooking.
Jamie Oliver uses only salt and butter when cooking British, American and French scrambled eggs.
For Oliver’s English contest, he added butter to the pot and seasoned it with a little salt. Then, he folds the eggs every few seconds with a silicone spatula, then removes them from the fire and lets them continue to cook.
The French scrambled to use Bain Marie to boil eggs with steam, while the Americans used butter to boil eggs directly in a pot.
Millie Peartree uses some butter, salt, pepper and Gruyere cheese to put the eggs directly in the pot.
Chef Millie Peartree has just started cooking when she was 6 years old, so you guessed it is scrambled eggs.
Unlike traditional methods, Peartree’s ditch breaks the eggs into a mixing bowl, then pours them directly into a medium-low soup pot, and adds a tablespoon of butter. For the super crazy eggs, she added some butter during the cooking process. After the eggs were set, Peartree chopped up some Gruyere bread to make a batch of soft, smooth and creamy eggs.
If you want to go beyond your own taste to make exquisite scrambled eggs, then Heston Blumenthal’s recipe is your best choice.
The multi-sensory cooking guide Heston Blumenthal also chose Bain Marie to cook his scrambled eggs.
Blumenthal added some milk, cream, butter, salt and pepper to seven eggs, and then lightly beat them in a glass bowl. Then, he placed the bowl on a pot of slightly boiling water, stirred the mixture patiently, and allowed the heat to thicken it into an egg c-like shape within 15 minutes.
He completes the egg making by adding some chopped smoked salmon and drizzle bole chowder (a brown butter sauce (don’t worry, he teaches you how to make it)) and sherry vinegar.
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