Like valve business target meeting 2020

In order to ensure the effective achievement of the business target in 2020, Like valve held the “2020 Like valve business target meeting” on June 19, 2020. The sales from all branches gathered in Like valve Tianjin headquarters to participate in the meeting.

Speech by Mr. Gu Chao, chairman of the board

The meeting kicked off with a wonderful speech by the company’s chairman, Mr. Gu Chao.

The meeting was divided into three items. The first item of the meeting: Ms. Jia gave a presentation on the company’s 2020 business plan and business goals. The speech pointed out the policy of our company’s 2020 business goals to be “focus , quick reacting,executive and safety” and clarified the company’s development plan for the next 3-5 years.

Business planning and business objectives in 2020

Second, Zhang song, the head of the comprehensive management department, preaches the sales incentive program policy to ensure that the sales elites are motivated to develop their own market and obtain high profits under the pressure of market environment and target.