Pneumatic gate valve features and operating environment, as well as procurement precautions, and maintenance of the detailed introduction

Pneumatic gate valve features and operating environment, as well as procurement precautions, and maintenance of the detailed introduction

First, the characteristics and operating environment of pneumatic gate valve

1. Features:
Pneumatic gate valve is a commonly used control valve, which is characterized by reliable valve seal, simple structure, easy operation, long service life, low energy consumption, relatively low price, easy installation, etc. Therefore, pneumatic gate valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, urban water supply and fire protection and other fields.

2. Use environment:
Pneumatic gate valve is generally suitable for water, steam, oil and some corrosive media control, the temperature range is generally between -29℃~425℃. In addition, pneumatic gate valves can also be used in powder conveying and food processing industries. It is important to note that when using the pneumatic gate valve, the valve should be avoided from impact or vibration, and regular maintenance and maintenance.

Two, pneumatic gate valve procurement precautions

1. Brand and quality:
When purchasing pneumatic gate valves, well-known brands should be selected and the quality of products should be paid attention to. The products of some small manufacturers may have advantages in price, but the quality is not reliable, easy to damage, resulting in subsequent installation and maintenance difficulties, and even affect the production, so it is recommended to buy products of well-known brands.

2. Specifications and parameters:
Before purchase, according to the use of requirements to determine the product specifications and parameters, including valve caliber, pressure, temperature, etc. Also consider the valve material, as well as its application and environment and other factors.

3. After-sales Service:
Choosing an excellent supplier can effectively guarantee the follow-up maintenance service. Therefore, when selecting a supplier, we should pay attention to its after-sales service, including whether it has a good after-sales service platform, whether it has a perfect service system and other information.

Three, pneumatic gate valve maintenance

1. Maintenance cycle:
The service life of pneumatic gate valve is long, but regular maintenance and repair can extend the service life of the valve and improve work efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance cycle of pneumatic gate valve is 3 to 6 months, the specific time is determined according to the operating environment.

2. Maintenance Contents:
Pneumatic gate valve maintenance mainly includes cleaning and lubrication work. In the maintenance process, to check the sealing of the valve, cleaning and spraying lubricant.

3. Precautions:
During maintenance, pay attention to the installation position and operation method of the valve to avoid distortion or damage. In addition, disconnect the power supply before maintenance to prevent electric shocks and ensure personnel safety.

In short, as a commonly used control valve, pneumatic gate valve not only needs to pay attention to installation and operation in the process of use, but also needs to do a good job of valve repair and maintenance, in order to ensure the normal operation and use of the valve effect.

Post time: May-26-2023

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