Quality, On Time Delivery, Refuse To Delay

After the Spring Festival, LIKV immediately start busy production, order by order.


All kinds of valves of different types and sizes  butterfly valves, welding butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves in machining assembling and testing.

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Recently, a batch of 125 pcs of butterfly valves are being manufactured in the workshop. From the date of receipt of the order, machining, assembling, pressure testing, packaging and loading, we have guaranteed the promise of delivery on time in 25 days. The goods are shipped to Europe and America, so on the premise of quality, we also pay attention to the packaging of products. Each product is packed in wooden boxes with waterproof bags and cardboard, and then shipped.


All orders are delivered smoothly and on time.


Under fierce competition of valve market, LikV wins because of we always adhered to the “quality, on time delivery, refuse to delay” creed and this also wins trust and support of customer’s. Choose LIKV, we will never let you down.

Post time: May-05-2019

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