Safety first: the new valve will reduce the risk of hand injuries related to hydraulic torque wrenches

Safety first: The new valve will reduce the risk of hand injuries related to hydraulic torque wrenches. (Image source: SPX FLOW, Inc.)
In a noisy environment or when the line of sight between the pump and the tool operator is obstructed, communication errors may occur. If the operator starts the pump before the torque wrench is in place, it may cause serious hand injuries. The BFCV can be used with any type of torque wrench to control the tool operator and isolate the tool from the pump until it is in place. Unlike some alternative solutions, the device is lightweight and the trigger fully balances the pressure, making it easy to operate even for a long period of time. Squeeze the trigger upward, away from the valve, and position it so that the operator’s hand is away from the pressure part of the valve.
David Campbell, SPX FLOW Bolt System Global Product Director and Site Supervisor, said: “The BFCV has all the safety features to protect the hand of the tool operator from accidental operation of the pump, but we designed it as a very practical and easy-to-use device-on-site It is neither cumbersome nor cumbersome, the fully balanced trigger is light and handy, and the design ensures that there is no excessive pressure on the tool hydraulic connection, and this does not cause premature leakage.
The launch of the BFCV follows a series of successful trials with a large international oil company. The valve’s ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue, and its two-stage trigger system including interlock and trigger prevents accidental activation. Its use can ensure that the operator can safely perform tool drive direction changes and link switching on thin tools. During the torque operation, the operator can overtake the pump at any time and stop the wrench at any time, thereby further improving safety.
Other features of the valve include ample handle space and non-slip handle, which can be easily operated even with gloved hands. The valve has passed a minimum pressure test of 20,000 psi (1380 bar) and provides a safety factor of 2:1. Despite its light structure, it still has high strength and corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh working environments.
SPX FLOW announced the release of new metal and X-ray detectable seats for its Waukesha Cherry-Burrell (WCB) series of single seat valves. When combined with metal or X-ray detectable O-rings, the new seat is designed to increase safety for critical dairy products, food and beverages, and personal care processes.
Large-scale power station projects are one of the most expensive and complex engineering challenges today. When owners and contractors strive to control capital and operating costs while meeting demanding construction schedules, it pays to have an experienced pump manufacturer by your side.
Before providing biogas to private and industrial customers, it must first adapt its calorific value to the natural gas network.
The semiconductor industry has strict requirements for valves, measurement and control systems. Pneumatic valves are increasingly unable to meet the control requirements of leading process equipment manufacturers. Therefore, valve expert GEMÜ developed the electric GEMÜC53 iComLine control valve.
When precise and reliable flow control is required in extremely challenging ultra-low temperature applications (such as low temperature or other similar conditions), the Badger Meter control valve is the ideal choice. Available from Pump Engineering, a liquid handling specialist, the extensive Badger series includes the 9000 series, ANSI Class 300 ball valves with bolted bonnets, and rear pilot internal valves.
Aseptic diaphragm valves are commonly used to control aseptic applications. However, the small volume can only be controlled at an insufficiently accurate level or cannot be controlled at all. In order to solve this problem, Gemü has now developed the Gemü567 valve.

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