Set pressure of safety valve

Setting pressure, take-off pressure and reseating pressure of safety valve

The set pressure is the artificially set take-off pressure of the safety valve.

The reseating pressure is the pressure to reset the safety valve after taking off.

For example, the normal working pressure of a pressure vessel is 1.0MPa, the set pressure of the safety valve is 1.04MPa, and the reseating pressure is 0.98mpa.

Then: when the internal pressure of the pressure vessel is ≤ 1.04MPa, the safety valve does not act; When the pressure is greater than 1.04MPa, the safety valve will take off and the pressure will drop. However, when the pressure drops to the normal pressure of 1.0MPa, the safety valve will not necessarily return to its seat and continue to discharge. When the pressure continues to drop to 0.98mpa, the safety valve will return to its seat and stop steam exhaust.

PS: the specific standards of pressure vessels, boilers and pipelines are different, and different standards shall be implemented.

The set pressure is a clear value with strict requirements; The reseating pressure is regarded as the quality index of the safety valve. There is no clearly specified value, but only the approximate range.

Post time: Jan-11-2022

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