Stardew Valley Update 1.5 patch notes are launched for PS4, adding split-screen simulcast and new islands

ConcernedApe today released the large-scale Stardew Valley update 1.5 for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions. This latest patch was previously available for PC and includes a lot of new content, including split-screen cooperatives and a new discovery island.
Read the Stardew Valley 1.5 patch notes below. Please note that there is a lot of information to digest!
Added new cosmetic critters: crabs, caldera monkeys, elevated parrots, marsupials and tropical butterflies.
Home decoration has been added, allowing you to further expand and adjust the farmhouse after it has been fully upgraded.
It can be ensured that the red cabbage seeds are sold on the station wagon at least once in the first year, so the construction of the community center can always be completed in the first year.
It has access to profit margins and cabin-related options that were previously inaccessible when creating a single player farm.
Special commands have been added, and more dynamic post game missions will allow you to help villagers with personal projects through the town’s special command committee. These can include more different goals and rewards, temporary world changes, permanent changes (such as new store inventory), and events after completion.
Added more difficult mines and skeleton cave versions. These can be accessed later in the game, or you can use the “challenge temple” to switch permanently:
Stores have been added to “Moonlight Jelly Dance”, “Winter Star Feast”, “Snow Festival” and “Luau”.
You now have a perfect level that can track the percentage of game content you complete. After reaching the fully completed state, you can purchase golden roosters, add random golden witch events, unlock access to the summit through new events, add new bird creatures, and unlock various items.
The phone shop checks time and inventory, and occasionally receives random calls (no impact on gameplay);
Eight “floor divider” carpets can be placed between rooms to connect visually different floor types;
Easter eggs were added when the name was changed in the “Illusory Temple”, including the item generation code.
PlayStation 5 will be launched in mainland China on May 15th. The standard version is priced at 3899 yuan, and the digital version is priced at 3099 yuan.
According to reports, Genshin Impact has soothed the trophy hunter and added platinum trophies and a brand new list to Sony’s PS5 console.
DC FanDome will return to game announcements and updates in October this year, and will be on stage for the second time later this year.
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Post time: Apr-29-2021

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