The main parameters of the plastic diaphragm valve are introduced in detail. The plastic diaphragm valve is applied with mesons and integrated into the operating guide of the temperature control on/off valve

The main parameters of the plastic diaphragm valve are introduced in detail. The plastic diaphragm valve is applied with mesons and integrated into the operating guide of the temperature control on/off valve


Automatic valve control is not a lot, just set the opening pressure or import and export trade pressure before shipment.

1. The valve

Safety valve before installation and use must pass the blow, water pressure test, set the setting pressure, and many areas of the valve need to pass the local inspection bureau to test the safety can be applied. Steam safety valves for power plants, for example, must be checked on the spot. In the completion of the inspection, there should be an organization, the development of advance preparation, and a clear division of labor. Thermal calibration using standard meter, uniform value is prohibited, should be in accordance with the provisions of the transformer. Torsion spring working pressure section and the application of the working pressure should be consistent, heavy hammer type should be adjusted up and down to uniform value, fixed down.

When the valve is operated for a long time, the actual operator needs to pay special attention to inspection. The inspector should bypass the entrance and exit of the valve, check the protruding surface of the valve, use the rocker to lift the valve with the lever, open the valve at a distance of a period of time, drain the dirt, and check the operation flexibility of the valve.

2. The pressure regulating valve

Before the opening of the pressure reducing valve, the inlet valve or flush valve should be opened to clean up the dirty pipeline. After the pipeline is cleaned and tidy, the inlet valve should be closed and the pressure regulating valve should be opened. Some steam pressure reducing valve before the valve with the steam trap, you must first open, micro pressure regulating valve open again after emergency cut-off valve, the pressure regulating valve after zui, emergency cut-off valve opens before watching the barometer around before and after the pressure regulating valve, regulating valve adjusting screw, after making the valve working pressure set value, then gradually open after the emergency shut-off valve, pressure regulating valve calibration valve after pressure of work, Until it reaches a specific value, then fix the fixed adjustment screw and cover the protective cap.

If the pressure regulating valve is abnormal and needs to be repaired, the inlet valve should be opened and disconnected before closing the valve at the same time. The inlet valve should be adjusted manually so that most of the temperature of the working pressure after the pressure regulating valve is about the predetermined value. Then the emergency cut-off valve after the pressure regulating valve is closed and the pressure regulating valve is replaced or repaired. The pressure reducing valve is removed or repaired and then restored to work.

3. Cut-off valve

Check valves should be used to prevent high impact force caused by valve closure and to prevent rapid vibration of valve closure parts.

In order to prevent too high impact working pressure caused by closing the valve, the valve must be shut down quickly to avoid a huge reverse flow rate, which is the cause of impact working pressure when the valve is suddenly closed. Therefore, the closing rate of the valve should be properly matched with the reduction of hydrologic substances.

4. Steam trap

Trap is very easy to be waste water and other impurities blocked valve. Flush valve is open, the first open, clean lines, with by-pass pipe, can open the inlet valve seat transient cleaning, did not wash pipe and the bypass valve of the steam trap, can tear open come down to the steam trap, open emergency cut-off valve, after cleaning again shut emergency cut-off valve, put on steam trap, then in open emergency cut-off valve, steam trap.

The main parameters of plastic diaphragm valve are introduced in detail. The application of plastic diaphragm valve is meson and blending temperature

Plastic diaphragm valve is a unique way of cutting valve, occurred in the 20th century 20 years. Its opening and closing parts are a diaphragm made of soft plastic raw materials, separating the inner wall of the oil plate and the inner wall of the single-flow valve and pushing components, hence the name diaphragm valve.

Because plastic diaphragm valve has the quality of the light, corrosion resistance, no dirt adsorption, can be connected to the integration of plastic pipe and the advantages of the use of long maturity, plastic diaphragm valve in the water supply and drainage (especially hot water and heating) and industrial level of the liquid plastic piping system software and the use level of advantage is can’t compare other valves. At the present stage in China plastic cut-off valve manufacture and use of, haven’t way of the manipulation, resulting in water supply and drainage and industrial level of liquid plastic valve product quality is uneven, in projects using led to turn off is not tight, and serious water seepage condition, produced a plastic diaphragm valve can not be view, harm overall development trend of plastic pipe used. In our country, the national industry standards of plastic valves have been formulated in the process, the product implementation standards and specifications are formulated according to the national standards.

The key categories of plastic valves in the international are valves, disc valves, globe valves, diaphragm valves, gate valves and cut-off valves, etc., the key structural forms are two-way, three-way and multi-way valves, and the key raw materials are ABS, PVC-U, PVC-C, PB, PE, PP and PVDF.

Fengquan brand plastic diaphragm valve and pipeline system software connection in the form of

Butt welding connection: the diameter of the valve connection part is the same as the diameter of the pipe fitting, the inner hole of the valve connection part and the inner hole of the pipe fitting are relative to carry out electric welding;

Jack bonding connection: the connecting part of the valve is jack, and the pipe is bonded;

Socket connection connection: the valve connection part is socket connection mode with the heating wire laid in nominal diameter, and the electric fusion pipe fitting is connected with the pipe fitting;

Socket connection hot-melt connection: the valve connection part is socket connection, and the pipe fittings are hot-melt socket connection;

Socket connection bonding connection: the valve connection part is socket connection, and the pipe fittings are bonded socket connection;

Socket connection silicone sealing ring connection: the valve connection part is socket connection mode of inlaid rubber sealing ring, and socket connection is carried out with pipe fittings;

Flange connection: the valve connection part is flange, and the flange on the pipe fitting connection;

External thread connection: the connecting part of the valve is threaded, and the external thread on the pipe or pipe is connected;

Live joint connection: the connection part of the valve is in live connection mode and is connected with pipe fittings or pipes.

Different connections can and do exist on a valve.

Apply the working pressure and temperature correlation

With the increase of application temperature, the service life of plastic diaphragm valve should be reduced. To maintain the same life span, you must reduce application workload.

Fengquan plastic diaphragm valve advantages:

Wide application temperature coverage: 0℃ -95℃

With compressive strength and ductility

Good solvent resistance and corrosion resistance

Flame retardant grade can be self-extinguishing type

Low thermal conductivity, 1/200 of stainless steel plate

The heavy ion composition in the material reaches the composition of ultra-pure water system

The food hygiene standard conforms to the hygiene management system of our country

Safe and convenient, can choose adhesive, external thread, flange, electric welding and other connection methods

Excellent anti-aging and uv resistance, the normal service life of the valve is much longer than ordinary.

Plastic diaphragm valve detailed description

Application standard and structure characteristics:

1. Suitable for transportation and interception of etch material, adjustment of total flow, according to the different application temperature of -14℃ ~ 100℃, -40℃ ~ 140℃.

2. Over current components color RPP,UPVC,CPVC,PVDF plastic parts assembled, high corrosion resistance, convenient practical operation, light scale, can replace stainless steel plate valve.

3. The hydraulic seal pulse damper is manufactured with F46 or PFA, the folding frequency ≥1200 times, and the corrosion resistance is very similar to F4.

4. Choose screw adjustment structure, open and close torque, good stability.

Assembly and application of diaphragm valve:

1. When the flange on both sides is connected with the pipe, the anchor bolt should be tightened evenly to avoid the deformation of the flange and lead to leakage.

2. Turn the rocker clockwise to close and open it on the contrary.

3. The opening level can be distinguished according to the position of indicator.

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