Vacuum pump applied to semiconductor process safety matters water ring vacuum pump valve flange connection

Vacuum pump applied to semiconductor process safety matters water ring vacuum pump valve flange connection

Over the past decades, with the rapid development of semiconductor technology, semiconductor equipment is also in generation after generation innovation and development. Nowadays, the manufacturing and use of semiconductor equipment involves a variety of chemical elements and many other aspects of high technology, with a strong technical comprehensive. Not only as such, the development of semiconductor equipment technology gradually integrates the process technology modularization into the equipment, making it highly automated and highly intelligent, gradually changing the situation of natural separation of equipment and process, and always walking in the forefront of the development of semiconductor system manufacturing industry, playing a special important role. With the further development of semiconductor equipment, its application field becomes more and more wide. In other electronic device manufacturing fields, semiconductor equipment or equipment evolved from semiconductor equipment are also adopted to varying degrees, becoming a new field of semiconductor equipment application. Especially in the micro/nano electronic devices, micro/nano optoelectromechanical systems and other products manufacturing field of extremely small size and high precision, it has extremely important significance for the development of electronic components.

Semiconductor process vacuum is mainly used in evaporation, sputtering, PECVD, vacuum dry etching, vacuum adsorption, test equipment, vacuum cleaning and other bonding processes, semiconductor production and manufacturing process easily produce flammable, explosive and toxic material gas, will pose a threat to production and staff safety, therefore, the application of semiconductor vacuum pump need to pay attention to several safety matters:

1. Filter and clean vacuum pump and other accessories, filter and pipe on schedule to avoid overpressure:

In the application of semiconductor vacuum pump, the composition of the medium extracted through the reaction chamber and vacuum pump may be extremely complex. For example, SiH4 and O2 form SiO2 at the pump port, and the hydrolysis of TiCl4 will form HCl; Assuming that the oil seal type mechanical pump, these gas substances may also be reversed with the pump oil. These changes assume the formation of particles, coagulable material, or erosive media, which may clog the vacuum pump or piping system, affect the vacuum pump function, cause pressure rise or overpressure, and the risk mentioned in the second point is greater. Therefore, it is necessary to clean in time, and set up filtering equipment when necessary.

2, effective dilution of harmful gas concentration:

Semiconductor is prone to produce the above mentioned inflammable and explosive, toxic and harmful gases. Therefore, in the application of semiconductor vacuum pump, when extracting these media, it is necessary to prevent them from having some uncontrollable reactions in the vacuum pump or in the exhaust process. Such as SiH4, PH3, AsH3, B2H6 and other substances, in contact with air or oxygen, will cause combustion or even; Hydrogen gas also burns when the mixture ratio in the air reaches a certain temperature. It all depends on the amount of the substance and its relationship to the pressure and temperature of the environment. Therefore, when the semiconductor vacuum pump extracts these media, it needs to use an inert gas, such as nitrogen, to dilute these gases to a safe range before compression.

3. Pay attention to the concentration of oxygen:

If oxygen in the air is too high, combustion and risk will occur. Therefore, in some cases, attention should be paid to the concentration of oxygen, using inert gas to dilute, to prevent too high concentration; Assuming that the oil seal mechanical pump may also need to use some inert and oxygen compatible vacuum pump oil, and timely replacement of oil filters and oil products.

4, prevent the temperature too high:

It is easy to understand this point. In the application of semiconductor in vacuum pump, there are more harmful gases. Whether dry vacuum pump is still an oil seal mechanical pump, the temperature in the pump chamber is too high, and flammable and explosive and du gas will easily be dangerous at high temperature.

The above 4 aspects are the main safety matters in the application of semiconductor vacuum pump. In general, oil seal mechanical pumps need to pay attention to more safety details than dry vacuum pumps, disposal is more complex. When we use vacuum pumps, we need to pay attention to the safety precautions in the conductor, and do a good job in the operation manual when using later. Because of the small problems on operation, output, efficiency and safety are linked, we should extend the service life of the vacuum pump, strive to coordinate balance, ensure efficiency and safety.

Water ring vacuum pump valve flange connection form

According to the shape of the joint surface, it can be divided into the following types:

1, O-ring type: this is a new type of water ring vacuum pump flange connection form, is followed by a variety of rubber O-ring development, it is more reliable in sealing effect than the general flat washer

2, trapezoidal groove type: water ring vacuum pump valve flange connection with oval metal ring as a washer, used for working pressure 64 kg/cm2 valve or high temperature valve

3. Mortise and groove type: The gasket with large plastic deformation can be used in the corrosive medium. The sealing effect of water ring vacuum pump is better

4. Concave and convex type: the working pressure of water ring vacuum pump is higher, and the hard washer can be used

5, lens type: the washer is the shape of the lens, made of metal. High pressure valves or high temperature valves with working pressure of 100kg/cm2

6, smooth type: for the pressure is not high valve, processing more convenient

Water ring vacuum pump flange connection is there are many forms, but they have different occasions, in use, we should pay attention to the suitability of the occasion, ensure the effect of connection, do not cause connection failure, resulting in damage to the water ring vacuum pump

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