Video: Burning propane from leaked storage tanks at AmeriGas plant in Berne is expected to take several hours

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South Sagamore – At approximately 5:30 PM, firefighters and hazardous materials technicians from multiple towns were called to the AmeriGas factory on the freight road. According to reports, propane leakage occurred on the large storage tank after the valve failed. By 8:30 in the evening, the situation was under control.
Berne Fire Department Deputy Chief David Pelonzi told Cape Wide News that around 5:30 pm on Wednesday, Berne Fire/Rescue and Emergency Services conducted a propane leak on the AmeriGas property on Freighthouse Road, Sagamore. The first crew members who arrived confirmed that there was an activity leak at the property and requested more resources. Two other Berne fire/rescue departments, Sandwich Fire Department, Berne Police Department and District 1 Hazardous Materials Response Team responded to the scene. Firefighters and hazardous materials team members worked with AmeriGas employees to stabilize the leak. The crew controlled the leakage of the property and did not pose a threat to nearby communities.
Throughout the night, a Bourne fire/rescue engine company remained on site. As the fire department, hazardous materials and AmeriGas personnel continue to work to further mitigate the spill, the activity this morning will increase again.
In addition to the Sandwich Fire Department, Falmouth and Plymouth Fire Department and Wareham Emergency Medical Services staff also provided coverage.
Update at 1:00 pm: The Burnt Barracks of the Massachusetts State Police have been notified that the Amerigas Propane Company on Burnt Freight Road has leaked. It is recommended that local residents carry out incineration, which will last 9 to 10 hours. The flame will be about 40 to 50 feet high.
Burnt Town Alert: Burnt Fire Department will carry out controlled combustion of propane in the propane facility on Cargo House Road. The burning will result in a visible flame approximately 30 feet high, which can be seen near both South Sagamore and North Sagamore. The burning will begin shortly after noon and may last up to 9 hours. There is no danger to the public, because the incident will be monitored by the fire department and other agencies. In this incident, residents do not need to take any further measures, so residents should stay away from the road area of ​​the freight station.
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Post time: Nov-18-2020

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