resilient soft seal knife gate valve with wafer

World-Valve is a manufacturer and supplier of reliable butterfly valves for the global power industry.
World-Valve is a manufacturer and supplier of reliable butterfly valves for the global power industry.
As a global provider of high-quality solutions and services, our goal is to differentiate ourselves by adding tangible value to our products.This ethos enables us to meet and regularly exceed our clients’ expectations.
Continuous optimization is the key to our success, and we are actively looking for ways we can improve further, from the fundamentals of the organization to the details of the supply chain.
Our continuous pursuit of quality is reflected in the large number of type approvals and certificates we have obtained over the years, as well as our ability to easily meet specific customer requirements.
Driven by the concept of cooperation, we strongly hope to establish and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with customers all over the world.As part of the industry leader AVK Group, we firmly support this ambition.Originally founded in Denmark in 1941, the AVK Group is now a multinational company with operations in more than 80 countries and around 3,000 professionals.
World-Valve has extensive experience and expertise in the power generation industry.We understand the specific issues and stakes and have the ability to propose solutions to any problem.
Our global customers in the industry, primarily equipment owners, contractors and system suppliers, rely on us for an unmatched combination of fast and reliable service and partner commitment.Our valves meet all relevant standards and come with any type of certification you may need or desire.
World-Valve’s butterfly valve production facility is located in the Netherlands.We manufacture a wide range of butterfly valves for the power industry.
As the valve manufacturing company of the AVK Group, World Valve has valves and solutions for various systems in power plants.Application knowledge is widely distributed within the AVK Group and testing institutes.
In this free white paper, World-Valve provides an illustrated example of how butterfly valves can be used in a variety of power applications.
World-Valve’s line of ISO Series Concentric Single Flanged Butterfly Valves feature vulcanized liners for gas and liquid control.
World-Valve ISO Series Concentric Wafer Butterfly Valves are used in a variety of industries including power, onshore and offshore, marine, chemical and petroleum.

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