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  • Valve knowledge —— butterfly valve

    Valve knowledge —— butterfly valve

    Butterfly valve also known as flap valve, is a simple structure of the control valve, but also can be used for low-pressure pipeline medium switch control. Butterfly valve refers to a kind of valve whose closing part (disc or disc) is a disc, which rotates around the valve shaft to open and close...
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  • Opportunities, key points and future prospects of valve industry in the industrial pollution control market

    With the continuous development of society, the rapid development of industry in various countries, colleagues also brought us a lot of pollution sources, in the process of industrial pollution prevention and control, 2020 is the end of the battle of pollution prevention and control. As an import...
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  • Detailed method for correct operation of valves II

    Correct operation of safety valve The safety valve has undergone pressure test and constant pressure before installation. When the safety valve runs for a long time, the operator shall pay attention to the inspection of the safety valve. During the inspection, the operator shall avoid the outlet ...
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  • Detailed method for correct operation of valves I

    The valve is a device used to control the direction, pressure and flow of fluid in the fluid system, which can make the medium (liquid, gas, powder) in the piping and equipment flow or stop and control its flow. The valve is an important control part in the fluid transportation system. Preparatio...
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  • Filter selection and Application

    Filter selection and Application

    Principle requirements for filter selection The filter is a small equipment to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment. When the fluid enters the filter cartridge with a certain size of filter screen, its impurities are block...
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  • Characteristics of penstock

    Characteristics of penstock

    The so-called pressure pipeline refers to the use of pressure to transport gas, liquid, etc. But not all pipes can be called pressure pipes. Two conditions: 1. Pressure > = 0.1MPa (gauge pressure) 2. Pipe DN > = 25mm Characteristic 1. The pressure pipe is a system, pulling one engine and mo...
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  • Equipment basic management “leakage”

    The management of safe and civilized production includes oil leakage, water leakage, steam leakage, smoke leakage, ash leakage, coal leakage, powder leakage and gas leakage, which is what we call “running, emitting, dripping and leaking”. Today, we summarize some preventive measures o...
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  • III Twenty five taboos for dry goods valve installation, how much do you know?

    Taboo 16 Manual valve opening and closing, excessive force Consequence: the valve will be damaged if it is light, and the safety accident will be caused if it is heavy Measures: manual valve, its handwheel or handle, is designed according to common manpower, considering the strength of sealing su...
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  • II Twenty five taboos for dry goods valve installation, how much do you know?

    Taboo 11 Wrong valve installation method. For example, the water (steam) flow direction of stop valve or check valve is opposite to the sign, the valve stem is installed downward, the check valve installed horizontally is installed vertically, the handle of rising stem gate valve or butterfly val...
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  • I Twenty five taboos for dry goods valve installation, how much do you know?

    Valve is the most common equipment in chemical enterprises. It seems easy to install the valve, but if it is not carried out according to the relevant technology, it will cause safety accidents. Today, I would like to share some experience and knowledge about valve installation.  Taboo 1 Water pr...
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  • Advantages of stop valve

    The opening and closing parts of the stop valve are plug-shaped disc, the sealing surface is flat or conical, and the disc moves in a straight line along the center line of the fluid. The movement form of the valve rod includes the lifting rod type (the valve rod is lifted and the handwheel is no...
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  • Operating Principle and Advantages and Disadvantages of Butterfly Valve

    Operating Principle and Advantages and Disadvantages of Butterfly Valve

    The butterfly valve opening and closing piece is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the body of the valve, thus achieving the opening and closing or regulating of the valve is called the butterfly valve. Butterfly valves are usually less than 90 degrees open and c...
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  • What is the function of globe valve?

    What is the function of globe valve?

    Globe valves are used to cut off the flow of media. Globe valves are suitable for occasions requiring frequent opening. They are most commonly used in chemical production.   The sealing parts of globe valves are discs and seats. In order to close the globe valves tightly, the mating surfaces of t...
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  • The Function and Characteristics of Check Valve

    Check valve is a kind of valve that automatically opens and closes by the force of medium itself. Check valves are mainly used to prevent backflow of media. Once the water flows backwards, the check valve closes. Check valves are generally divided into lifting check valves and swing check valves....
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  • Working Principle and Characteristic of Check Valve

    Working Principle and Characteristic of Check Valve

    When choosing and using check valve products, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the principle of the check valve in order to select the appropriate check valve and extend its service life. The working principle of the check valve is as follows: the check valve allows fluid to flow ...
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  • Comprehensive explanation and definition knowledge of gate valves

    1.Definition of gate valve It is a kind of valve which is widely used in pipeline. It mainly plays the role of connecting and cutting off the medium. It is not suitable for regulating the flow rate of medium, but it can judge the flow rate according to the rise and fall of the stem (e.g. fire-fig...
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