Tips for purchasing valves List of valves required for large thermal power plants

Tips for purchasing valves List of valves required for large thermal power plants
Generally speaking, our country valve market price is relatively stable, although a little rise and fall every year, but the range is very small.
The main problems in the valve market are:
1. Some operators buy valves without factory name and address, and print the certificates of manufacturers and qualified valve enterprises, causing serious harm to the reputation of qualified valve enterprises.
Second, refurbished valves, some operators through the second time after the repainting of the used valves, to bring serious safety risks to the quality of the project.
Care should therefore be taken in selecting the right valve for your purpose. To avoid ambiguities, rules should be made for each valve. At the TIME OF INQUIRY or ORDER, AN APPROPRIATE DESCRIPTION OF THE VALVE REQUIRED SHOULD BE given.
Selecting VALVE SIZE must determine THE NOMINAL size of the pipe to which the valve is connected. Valve material The following factors should be considered when determining the correct valve material:
The fluid medium to be controlled by the valve
The temperature range of a fluid medium
The range of pressures the valve is subjected to
Weather conditions that may affect valve operation
Possible abnormal pressure or stress to which the valve is subjected
The safety standards or plumbing procedures to be met
Pressure – temperature rating. To meet practical requirements, pay special attention to the pressure – temperature rating of the valve required. Special ATTENTION SHOULD BE PAID TO SEALING AND GASKET MATERIALS, WHICH GREATLY DETERMINE THE PRESSURE-TEMPERATURE RATING OF THE VALVE. Specify sealing materials and precipitating materials according to actual needs to meet or better than actual needs.
Valve and connection mode. Piping SYSTEM integrity, future routine maintenance, anticorROsive factors, field assembly, weight and safety are ALL FACTORS THAT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED TO determine how the valve is connected to the piping.
Operation mode or operation method Select the appropriate operation mode or operation method according to the valve type, size, pressure, temperature, installation environment and other factors.
Order of valves
1. Valve size
2. Pressure interface materials: casting and component materials.
3. Type of valve: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, etc.
4. Terminal connection mode, if the connection mode is welding, the wall thickness of the connecting pipe should be provided; If the connection is flanged, the flange surface or finish should be provided.
5. Any material that is different from the standard configuration: sealing material, precipitating material, bolt material, etc.
6. Any accessories: acid protection layer, locking device, chain operation, etc.
7. Manual or power actuators: Please include the required technical details.
8. For the convenience of ordering, please confirm the specifications and models.
List of valves required for large thermal power plants 2X1000MW new coal-fired power generation project total investment: 8.8 billion yuan 2X600MW new coal-fired power generation project total investment: 4.6 billion yuan 2X300MW new coal-fired power generation project total investment: 2.8 billion yuan…
Power engineering
Total planned investment
2X1000MW New coal-fired power generation project
The total investment is about 8.8 billion yuan
2X600MW New coal-fired power generation project
The project investment is about 4.6 billion yuan
2X300MW New coal-fired power generation project
The total investment is about 2.8 billion yuan
A complementary
Medium speed coal mill
Coal feeder (weighing type)
Electrostatic precipitators
Induced draft fan (static or dynamic)
High pressure heater
Low pressure heater
Blower (dynamic adjustment)
Primary fan (dynamic adjustment)
Induced draft fan (static or dynamic)
Deaerator (with or without head)
Engine room train
Steam operated feed pump set
Electric feed pump set (including motor)
Feed pump turbine
Condensate pump
The second auxiliary
Closed water heat exchanger (plate or tube type)
High and low pressure bypass
Rubber ball cleaning device
Circulating water condenser
Inlet and outlet butterfly valve
Seawater booster pump
Closed water pump
Low charge drain pump
Small machine vacuum disc valve
Pneumatic ash removal system
In dregs machine
Slag crusher
Buried scraper conveyor
High voltage factory transformer
Rev for change
The main transformer
Automatic dosing system for feed water and furnace water
Automatic sampling analysis system and condenser leak detection and monitoring system
Portal stacker-reclaimer (600T/H)
Ring coal crusher
Mechanical sampling device for coal entering plant and furnace
Sieve machine
Belt conveyor conveyor
Three complementary
Elevator in construction building
Slag bin, high efficiency concentrator
Production maintenance building frequency conversion multi – line centralized air conditioning system
Activated coal feeder
Diesel generator set
The big four pipes
Ship unloader
Hydraulic tensioning device
Four auxiliary
Factory air compressor
Plant compressed air storage tank
Plant air purification device
500KV Gas Insulated switchgear (GIS)
Generator circuit breaker
High frequency switching power supply
And dc panel
UPS system (AC power supply panel (host 80KVA)
Valve controlled airtight
Slurry circulating pump (imported)
Slurry circulating pump (domestic)
Vacuum belt dehydrator
Boiler elevator
Four major pipe fittings (imported)
Heat engine plant temperature reducing decompressor
Five complementary
On-line oil purification unit for steam turbine
Hydraulic test plug valve
Electric plough type unloader, tee
Buffer air lock
In addition to the iron
Belt scale
Cyclic dynamic calibration device
Ash pump
Boiler recharge water treatment equipment
Turbine housing headwind machine
Circulating water pump
Circulating pump outlet liquid disc valve
Net grate cleaner
Circulating water pump house hydraulic steel gate
Refined treatment of condensed water
Condensate transfer pump, shutdown cooling pump
The furnace for the oil pump
Condenser circulation puddle drain pump
Lubricating oil transfer pump
Electric water filter and various types of manual filter
Extraction check valve (inlet)
Water supply system gate valve (inlet)
High feed water inlet and outlet three-way valve (inlet)
Gate valves for extraction, auxiliary steam and condensate systems (imported)
Extractor and auxiliary steam three eccentric disc valve (imported)
Quick switching device for plant electricity
Change group protection
Fault recorder
Out-of-phase closed bus
Scheduling switch
Administrative program-controlled exchange
Communication power supply
Circulating water contact disc valve
Circulating water expansion joint
Coal wastewater treatment system
Tank, pit agitator
Complete sets of equipment for sea water purification station
Thermostat and humidity air conditioner in relay room of centralized control building
Electric shutters in main workshop
Oxidation fan
The overflow device
Desulfurization wastewater treatment system
Circulating water pump house and rainwater pump house hydraulic machinery (coarse sewage grid and guide groove of circulating water pump house, sewage grid cleaning machine of rainwater pump house, nickel-chromium cast iron gate and electric switchboard of rainwater pump house)
Six auxiliary
Small engine exhaust pipe (compensator)
Auxiliary steam trunk
Overhaul fuel tank
Regulating valve for soda water system (imported)
Trap (inlet)
Neutral ground resistance cabinet
Dry type transformer
6 kv switch cabinet
380V switchgear in main plant area
Water cooled chiller
Combined air treatment unit, cooling ventilation unit, mechanical air supply unit
Electrostatic precipitators
Combined type air
Processing unit
Cooling ventilation unit
Mechanical air supply unit
Desulfurization stirrer (imported)
Alloy steel for desulfurization flue (imported)
Gypsum tank scraper (imported)
The rain water pump
Domestic sewage treatment equipment
Circulating pump door crane
Dosing equipment for circulating water treatment, dosing equipment for slag water treatment
Boiler feed water treatment inlet valve
Desulfurization clean water pump, denitration waste water pump,
Chemical pump
Coal scuttle loosening machine
The auxiliary control network
Coal SPC
Auxiliary vibration analysis system
Host imported DCS
Desulfurized DCS (imported)
Denitration non – standard container
Seven auxiliary
Inlet stop valve
Domestic electric gate valve
Domestic electric and pneumatic cut-off valve,
Electric ball valve
Domestic electric disc valve
Plasma heater
Coal sewage pump
Circular coal yard temperature monitoring device
Plant fire alarm system and fire control system, special fire protection
6KV microcomputer integrated protection device and factory electrical monitoring and management system
Integral heat exchange unit
Automatic coal handling system
Water spray device
Constant pressure device for HVAC system
Closed cooling tower
Flying ash separator
Industrial closed-circuit television monitoring system
Defogger (imported)
Desulphurization nonmetallic flue compensator
Imported slurry valve (imported)
Seawater replenishment pump
Fresh water supply (deep well pump)
Plasma ignition device
Chimney composite titanium steel plate
Main plant steel structure
Main workshop color steel plate
Eight auxiliary
Vibration isolation foundation of steam feed water pump set and coal crusher
Coal mill rail crane
Overhaul the lifting equipment throughout the plant
Abrasion resistant elbow for pulverized coal pipe
Desulphurization AC power supply panel (ups30KVA)
Zero power cutting machine control panel
Computer Monitoring System for 500kV Booster Station (NCS)
Unit drain flume Roots fan
Automatic HVAC control system
Turbocharged fan non-standard crane
Desulfurized water flushing pipe
Desulphurization slurry control valve inlet
Desulfurization spray nozzle
Nine auxiliary
Piping of four major pipelines (including on-site welding materials of power plant)
Four major pipe support and hanger
Circulating water pipeline compensator
Air volume measuring device
Desulphurized gypsum discharge pump frequency conversion governor set
Ammonia zone instrument set
The simulation system
Plate of coal instrument
Seawater recharge flow regulating device
Hand brush filter
Desulfurization area – air-cooled constant temperature and humidity roof combined air conditioner
Air-cooled temperature regulating conventional dehumidifier,
Water cooled vertical cabinet type air conditioner
Coal drop pipe
Absorber spray layer FRP pipe
Domestic slurry valve
Filter screen in absorption tower
Switchgear for desulphurization terminal
Coal terminal switchgear
Fine treatment resin
Production and living area network equipment
Domestic electric butterfly valve
The belt
Water ring vacuum pump
Blower fan

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