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  • Selection Principle of Globe Valve

    Selection Principle of Globe Valve

    1. Cut-off valves are suitable for pipes or devices with high temperature and high pressure media. Such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, high temperature and high pressure pipelines of petrochemical systems. 2. Globe valves are used in pipelines where convection resistance is not st...
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  • Valve Selection Basis and Guidelines I

    Valve Selection Basis and Guidelines I

    Nowadays, there are more and more valves on the market. The types of valves are particularly complex, and the structure and material are also different. The selection of valves is very important for the long-term operation of the device in working conditions. The improper selection of valves and ...
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  • Installation and Maintenance of Ball Valve

    Installation and Maintenance of Ball Valve

    Ball Valve Installation:  1. It must be confirmed that the pipes and valves have been cleaned before operation.  2. The actuator operation of the valve drives the stem to rotate according to the size of the input signal. When the valve rotates 1/4 times (900) in the forward direction, the valve c...
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  • Common Valve Knowledge II

    Common Valve Knowledge II

    1、Three-way valve The three-way valve body has three nozzles, which are suitable for pipeline control system of three-direction fluid. Most of them are used for temperature regulation, ratio regulation and bypass regulation of heat exchange. In use, we should pay attention to the fluid temperatu...
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  • Common Valve Knowledge I

    Common Valve Knowledge I

    一 Butterfly valve The disc of butterfly valve is a disc, which rotates around an axis in the seat. The angle of rotation is the opening and closing degree of the valve. Its advantages are lightweight, simple structure, material saving compared with other valves, quick opening and closing, cuttin...
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  • Check Valve How To Save Energy?

    Check Valve How To Save Energy?

    Check valve is to rely on the strength of the fluid itself automatically open and close the valve, its role is to prevent the media back. Its name a lot, such as check valves, check valves, single-flow doors. According to the structure can be divided into two categories. (1) Lift: valve body to m...
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  • Troubleshooting Check Valves

    Troubleshooting Check Valves

    Check the use of the process will encounter a variety of issues, this article is the experience of many years of rich experience engineer, summarizes results of the check valve centralized common faults. Stainless steel screw hope my friend has a reference. Troubleshooting check are: 1 disc break...
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  • Check There Is No Clamp Connection?

    Check There Is No Clamp Connection?

    Check there is no clamp connection? Check there is no clamp connections. Only threaded connections and flanges connecting the two, But you want to use clamp connection surely you must be connected to a hose, and if so you can choose an externally threaded valve plug into the hose clamps again tied.
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  • Valve Selection Techniques

    Valve Selection Techniques

    Valve selection techniques 1, the check valve (aetv One-way valve): generally applicable to pure media, not for containing solid particles and the viscosity of the medium. 2, following the low-pressure valve for DN50mm (aetv One-way valve) :, should use butterfly valve, check valve and diaphragm ...
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  • Water Hammer Check Valves

    Water Hammer Check Valves

    Analysis of the common check valve and water hammer check valve defect characteristics, study the mechanism of optimization Close feature eliminates water hammer and prevent the reversal of the pump, draw meaningful conclusions, check for proper selection and use of guiding significance. With the...
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