E/P Positioner Pneumatic Globe Valve

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The pneumatic thin cut-off valve adopts the top guide structure, multi-spring actuator, has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, S streamlined fluid channel , small pressure drop loss, large valve capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly. The pneumatic film cut-off valve accepts the signal from the regulating instrument to cut off, open or change the flow direction of the medium, to achieve automatic control of pressure, flow, temperature or liquid level and other process parameters

  • Warranty Time: 1 year
  • Customized support: OEM, ODM
  • Certificate: API, ISO, CE, RoHS
  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: LIKV
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    OEM/ODM Service

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    Advantages of thin diaphragm pneumatic actuator

    Compared with the traditional large and bulky pneumatic diaphragm actuator, this new type, diaphragm cover plate, limiting parts are made of steel plate stamping. The shape of the diaphragm is complex, and the special pressing process is adopted. The multi-spring form improves the technology of spring manufacturing and is beneficial to the combination of different spring ranges. The zeroable function improves linear accuracy. It has the advantages of uniform force, good stability, small size and light weight.

    Products Detailes

    working pressure PN1.0~PN10.0  、Class150~Class600
    diameter DN15~DN400
    working temperature -10 °C to 80°C (NBR)-10 °C to 120°C (EPDM)-39 °C to 400°C (Hard)
    suitable media water, oil and gas
    Body Material WCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M、TA、C-276、2205
    Connection Flange
    Leakage Sdandard ANSIB16.104


    Design Standard EN 593 , MSS SP67   API 609  BS5155
    Inspection & Test API 598  ISO 5208  EN 12266
    End Standard ANSI B16.1 CL. 125LB & B16.5 CL. 150LBAS 2129 Table D & E   BS 10 Table D & EDIN 2501 PN6, PN10 & PN16

    EN 1092 PN6, PN10 & PN16

    ISO 2531 PN6, PN10 & PN16

    ISO 7005 PN6, PN10 & PN16

    KS B 1511 / JIS B 2210 5K & 10K

    MSS SP44 CL. 150LB  AWWAC207

    SABS 1123 Table 1000/3 & Table 1600/3

    Face to Face ISO 5752 , EN 558 , MSS SP67 and API 609  DIN3202
    Top Flange ISO 5211

    Products Detailes

    control valve


    api CE ROHS ISO certificate







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