300X Slow closing check valve

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Slow closing check valve is installed in the pump outlet ,high-rise building water supply system and other water supply system to prevent the media back, intelligent valve phenomenon of water hammer and the water hammer. The valve both electric valve, check valve and water hammer eliminator three functions, which can effectively improve the safety and reliability of water supply system. And the slow opening, fast closing , slow closing to eliminate the technical principles of integrated water hammer . Only by operating the pump motor hoist button. The valve can be opened and closed automatically according to the water pump operation, large flow rate. the pressure loss of water. The following applies to DN600 diameter valve.

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The check valve is composed of main valve and external control valve. There are two water chambers in the main valve, and the diaphragm water chamber is a pressure regulating chamber. When the water pump stops working, due to the self weight of the valve disc, the force of the main valve spring and the pressure difference force between the upper chamber and the lower chamber (when the water pump stops working, the pressure in the lower chamber decreases rapidly, but the pressure in the upper chamber decreases relatively slowly), the valve plate is closed 90% quickly, and the remaining 10% is transmitted to the upper chamber by the guide pipe. With the increase of the pressure in the upper chamber, the valve flap is picked up to close the closure port The remaining 10% of the opening plays a role of slowing down noise and reducing water hammer.

 1. It should be installed horizontally

 2. Before installation, the sundries inside the pipe network shall be cleaned to ensure the flexible movement of the valve core

3. The stop valve with corresponding diameter shall be installed at the position where the water source can be cut off when the check valve can be maintained

 4. The check valve shall be kept clean inside before and during the commissioning of pipe network, and shall not enter into sundries due to improper construction

 5. Commissioning: when the valve leaves the factory, the needle valve and the ball valve are all closed. Use the clockwise valve to rotate 2 and a half circles anticlockwise, and the ball valve is fully open. If water hammer is found, the small ball valve can be slightly closed, and the injection valve can be slightly opened anticlockwise to eliminate the water hammer.



Table of main dimensions

DN 20 25 32 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 350 400 450
L 150 160 180 200 203 216 241 292 330 356 495 622 698 787 914 978
H1 106 106 106 137 137 145 178 232 286 318 413 502 600 638 677 677
H 172 172 172 225 225 270 289 375 420 570 722 769 906 1025 1027 1027

Qualification certificate

OHSAS18001 英文
ISO14001 英文
ISO9001 英文


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