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Carx composite exhaust valve

Short Description:

The compound exhaust valve body is barrel shaped, which is used for the place with closed air at the highest point of the pipeline to remove the gas in the pipe to dredge the pipeline, so as to achieve normal operation. If the exhaust valve is not installed, the liquid flowing in the pipe will generate dynamic heat, cause gas, and form a short circuit, so that the water discharge capacity in the pipe can not meet the design requirements. Secondly, in the operation of power failure, pump stop, the pipeline will appear negative pressure, which will cause pipe vibration or rupture, the exhaust valve will quickly draw air into the pipeline to prevent pipe vibration or rupture.

Product Detail

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technical parameter

Nominal pressure Nominal diameter Applicable media Applicable temperature Flange standard Test standard
PN1.0/1.6MPa DN50-300mm Water 、sewage 0-80℃ GB/T17241.6 GB/T13927
valve body Valve cover Floating ball Lever frame lever Stopper
Ductile iron Ductile iron stainless steel stainless steel Aluminum bronze Aluminum green steel

CARX Drawing of compound exhaust valve


Main connection dimensions

DN D D1 H N—Φd
PN10 PN16 PN10 PN16 PN10 PN16
50 165 165 125 125 280 4—Φ19 4—Φ19
80 200 200 160 160 365 8—Φ19 8—Φ19
100 220 220 180 180 395 8—Φ19 8—Φ19
150 285 285 240 240 485 8—Φ23 8—Φ23
200 340 640 295 295 570 8—Φ23 8—Φ23
250 395 405 350 355 655 12—Φ23 12—Φ23
300 445 460 400 410 750 12—Φ23 12—Φ23









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