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Signal soft sealing gate valve

Short Description:

Sealing face has two gate, two of the most commonly used mode gate valve sealing surface form a wedge, the wedge Angle vary with the valve parameters, usually in the form of 50, when the medium temperature is not high for 2 ° 52 ‘. Wedge gate valve can be made into a whole, called rigid gate; It can also be made into a gate which can produce slight deformation to improve its craft and make up for the deviation of the sealing surface Angle during processing.

This type of gate is called elastic gate. Usually with trapezoidal threads on the lifting rod, the rotary motion is changed into a straight motion through the nut on the top of the valve and the guide groove on the valve body, that is, the operating torque is changed into the operating thrust. When the valve is opened, when the height of the gate is 1:1 times the size of the valve, the flow channel is fully open, but this position cannot be monitored during operation. In practical use, the valve stem is marked by the vertex, that is, the open position, as its full open position. In order to consider the temperature change in the lock phenomenon, usually open to the vertex position, and then rewind 1/2-1 turn, as the full open valve position. Therefore, the full open position of the valve is determined by the position of the gate (i.e., the stroke).

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1. Flat seat, free from dirt accumulation, makes sealing more reliable
2. The valve disc is completely covered with NBR, and the inner part of the valve is made of corrosion-resistant steel and copper alloy, which can be used in the sewage system to adapt to the harsh working environment
3. Small size and light weight, convenient for installation and maintenance
4. The valve stem is sealed with three o-rings, which greatly reduces friction resistance when switching, and the switch is light and watertight.
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American LIKE valves is a global supplier of flow control products,solution and services with a diverse range of products, for infrastructure and industrial fluid control. Our solution is an integral key part of the pipeline management solution, adopting advanced mechanical technology and automation system, so that the products always maintain excellent quality, and responding to customer needs correctly and fast. LIKE valve's customers and markets cover water supply and drainage, water treatment, heating, construction, fire fighting, HVAC systems, power plants, petrochemical, natural gas pipelines, ships and other fields.
LIKE valves always adhere to the quality policy of "quality is the life of products, products are the life of LIKE", have been passed ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, TS, API, CE, ROHS,CCC certificate of professional testing institutions. We take customer satisfaction as the purpose, take our mission to realize the value by supply excellent service to our customers, strive to do even better on each product, each service, to provide continuous guarantee for customers all over the world.
In 2016, LIKE valve products entered Chinese market. In 2017, LIKE Valve was registered Like Valves (Tianjin) Co., LTD. in China, a joint venture of the United States and China, dedicated to serving customers in the Asia-Pacific region and China.
LIKE valve adhering to the concept of "integrity, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefit", building our brand with product quality and customer satisfaction; improving and surpass ourselves with unremitting pursuit and sustainable development. "LIKE Dream" will contribution to "China Dream" more wonderful!




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