Copper globe valve J11W

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The opening and closing parts of the globe valve are plug-shaped discs with flat or conical seals on the top of the seal. The disc moves in a straight line along the center line of the seat. There are also lifting and rotating rods for controlling the flow of various fluids, such as air, water, steam, corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media. Therefore, this type of cut-off globe valve is very suitable for cutting off or regulating and throttling. Because the stem opening or closing stroke of this kind of valve is relatively short, and has a very reliable cut-off function, and because the change of the seat opening is proportional to the disc travel, it is very suitable for flow regulation.


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Valves play an important role in cutting off and throttling the medium in the pipeline where they are located. Globe valve is a very important cut-off valve. Its seal is to exert torque on the stem, and the stem exerts pressure on the disc in the axial direction, so that the sealing surface of the disc and the sealing surface of the valve seat closely adhere to each other, preventing the seam between the media along the sealing surface. Leakage of gaps.

The sealing pair of globe valve is composed of valve disc sealing surface and seat sealing surface. The stem drives the disc to move vertically along the center line of the valve seat. In the opening and closing process of globe valve, the opening height is small, the flow rate is easy to adjust, the manufacture and maintenance are convenient, and the pressure is widely applicable.

Compared with another commonly used cut-off type valve in industrial production – alarm valve, globe valve is simpler in structure and easier to manufacture and repair than the former. In terms of service life, the sealing surface of the globe valve is not easy to wear and scratch, and there is no relative sliding between the disc and the sealing surface of the seat during the opening and closing of the valve. Therefore, the wear and scratch of the sealing surface is relatively small, so the service life of the globe valve improves the service life of the sealing pair during the whole closing process, and the disc stroke is smaller than that of the alarm valve. The disadvantage of globe valve is that the opening and closing moment is large and it is difficult to achieve rapid opening and closing. Because the flow passage inside the valve body is tortuous and the fluid flow resistance is large, the loss of hydrodynamic force in the pipeline is large.


Technology scope

1、Nominal pressure: PN≤1.6MPa

2、Working medium: Non-corrosive flammable gases of water and oil

3、working temperature: -20℃≤T≤110℃

4、Thread standard conforms to ISO7 standard

Main Dimensions Table

15 1/2 47 13 62.7 57.5
20 3/4 55 18.5 65.8 57.5
25 1 64 22.3 78.2 72
32 11/4 76.5 30 90 78
40 11/2 83 35.5 107.7 97
50 2 104 44.5 123.7 108
65 21/2 124 52 146 126

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