en593 Cast Iron Soft Seat Lug Type Butterfly Valve with Limit Switch

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Lug Type Butterfly Valve reliable in sealing, economic in price, small space occupied, light in weight, is widely used for normal temperature medium pipes.

  • Warranty Time: 1 year
  • Customized support: OEM, ODM
  • Certificate: API, ISO, CE, RoHS
  • MOQ: 1 Set
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: LIKV
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    OEM/ODM Service

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    en593 Cast Iron Soft Seat Lug Type Butterfly Valve with Limit Switch

    Advantages of a Butterfly Valve

    Butterfly valves are similar to ball valves but have more advantages. They are open and close very quickly when actuated pneumatically. The disc is lighter than a ball, and the valves require less structural support than a ball valve of comparable diameter. Butterfly valves are very precise, which makes them advantageous in industrial applications. They are quite reliable and require very little maintenance.

    1. Turning on/off easily and rapidly with less force. Having less fluid resistance and can be operated frequently.

    2. Simple structure, small size and short face to face dimension, which suitable for large diameter valves.

    3. It can be used for transmitting mud, fewer liquids are stored at apertures of pipe.

    4. Long service life. Standing the test of tens of thousands of opening/closing operations.

    5. Butterfly valves have excellent regulation performance.

    6. Small torque. The pressure on discs at the two sides of the spindle is almost equal, causing contrary torque. Thereby, the valves can be opened with less force.

    7. Sealing face is generally med of rubber or plastic. So the butterfly valves can be with good sealing under low pressure.

    Products Detailes


    Product Name
    China Manufacturer High Quality 50-2000mm Lug Type Butterfly Valves
    Size (mm)
    Flange connection standard selection
    EN1092 PN10,PN16; ASME 125LB,150LB; JIS10K;


    GGG40/50; WCB; CF8; CF8M; 2205; 2507; Al-bronze
    GGG40/50; CF8; CF8M; 2205; 2507; 1.4529; Al-bronze; Rubber coated; PTFE lined; Nylon coated; Halar coated
    SS410/420/416; SS431; SS304; Monel

    Seat material and suitable Temp.

    -10℃ ~ +80℃
    -10℃ ~ +80℃
    -10℃ ~ +180℃
    Heat resistant EPDM
    -10℃ ~ +120℃
    -10℃ ~ +150℃
    Operating selection
    Lever handle; wormgear; Electric actuator; Pneumatic actuator; Hydraulic actuator

    Products Detailes

    lug bv


    api CE ROHS ISO certificate







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