Common Valve Knowledge II

1、Three-way valve

The three-way valve body has three nozzles, which are suitable for pipeline control system of three-direction fluid. Most of them are used for temperature regulation, ratio regulation and bypass regulation of heat exchange. In use, we should pay attention to the fluid temperature difference should not be too large, usually less than 150 C, otherwise the three-way valve will have greater stress, otherwise the three-way valve will have greater stress and cause deformation, resulting in leakage or damage at the junction. Three-way valve has three-way confluence valve and three-way diversion valve. The three-way confluence valve is a medium flowing into and out of two inlet ports after mixing. The three-way diversion valve is a medium flowing in from one inlet and is divided into two outlets.


2. Cam Flexure Valve

 Cam flexure valve, also known as eccentric rotary valve, has a fan-shaped spherical core, which is cast into one with the flexure arm and sleeve and fixed on the rotating shaft. The deflection arm can produce deflection under the action of pressure, which makes the spherical surface of the valve core contact closely with the seat ring and has good sealing performance. It has the advantages of light weight, small volume, convenient installation, and is suitable for medium flow control with high viscosity and suspended matter.


3. Direct Single Seat Valve

There is only one seat and spool in the through single seat valve body. Its advantages are simple structure and good sealing effect, and it is a type of valve body used more. Its disadvantage is that it has poor circulation capacity and large unbalance force, which is not suitable for high differential pressure and large caliber occasions.


4. Direct Double Seat Valve

There are two seats and spools in the body of the through two-seat valve. The advantage is that the force acting on the upper and lower spools of the fluid can offset each other, so the two-seat valve has a large allowable pressure difference. The disadvantage is that the upper and lower spools should not be closed at the same time, so the leakage is large. It is suitable for clean media with large pressure difference at both ends of valve and low leakage requirement. It is not suitable for high viscosity and fibre-containing occasions.




Post time: May-30-2019

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