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Shanxi Huozhou heating center Huozhou “three supplies and one industry” heating maintenance project, Like valve participated in the project transformation in June 2020, in which “three supplies and one industry” refers to the water supply, power supply, heating and property management in the family area of employees of state-owned enterprises (including central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises). “Three supplies and one industry” separation and handover refers to a management work with strong policy and professionalism, wide coverage and extremely complex operation in which state-owned enterprises (including enterprises and scientific research institutes) separate the water, electricity and heating property management functions in the family area from state-owned enterprises and transfer them to social professional units for management.

Like valves of Huozhou heating project mainly supply butterfly valves, electric valves and welded ball valves.

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Connection method of electric butterfly valve

Mainly: flange type and wafer type; The sealing situation of electric butterfly valve mainly includes rubber seal and metal seal. The power signal light displays during the opening and closing of the electric butterfly valve. The product can be used as stop valve and regulating valve of pipeline system. With manual opening and closing device, once the power supply is cut off, it can be operated manually without affecting the application.

Working principle of electric butterfly valve

The working power supply usually includes: AC220V, AC380V, etc. Input signal: 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 10V and other weak current signals. After the adjustable electric actuator and valve rod are connected and debugged; Use electric energy as the driving force to drive the butterfly valve plate for 0 ~ 90 ° partial reverse rotation. Receive the 4 ~ 20mA signal from the industrial automation control system to accurately control the valve switching degree, so as to achieve the regulation and control of different demand parameters such as flow, temperature and pressure.


Technical characteristics of welded ball valve

1. The valve body structure is welded integrally without external leakage.

2. The valve seat is composed of PTFE sealing ring and spring, which has strong adaptability to pressure and temperature changes and will not produce any leakage within the scope of use.

3. The anti leakage structure of the valve stem is composed of one PTFE self sealing gasket and one O-ring at the bottom of the valve stem, two O-rings and two PTFE gaskets to ensure no leakage.

4. The material of the valve body is the same as that of the pipeline, and there will be no uneven stress, extrusion and deformation due to earthquake and vehicles passing through the ground.

5. The valve body is light and easy to keep warm.

6. The directly buried ball valve can be directly buried underground without building a large valve well. Only a small shallow well needs to be set on the ground, which greatly saves construction cost and engineering time.

7. The length of the valve body and the height of the valve stem can be adjusted according to the construction and design requirements of the pipeline.

8. The machining accuracy of the sphere is very precise, the operation is light, and there is no adverse interference.

10. There are two connection modes: welding and flange.

11. Operation mode: handle, gear (vertical / horizontal)

12. Under the condition of normal operation and use of the valve, the warranty period is 20 years.

welded ball valve

Structure of welded ball valve

1. The valve adopts carbon steel seamless steel pipe pressed integral welded ball valve.

2. The valve stem is made of AISI303 stainless steel and the valve body is made of AISI304 stainless steel. It is made by finishing grinding and has excellent sealing performance and corrosion resistance.

3. The sealing adopts carbon reinforced PTFE inclined elastic sealing ring, and the negative pressure is on the spherical surface, so that the sealing has the advantages of zero leakage and long service life.

4. Connection mode of the valve: welding, thread, flange, etc. for users to choose. Transmission mode: handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric and other transmission structures are adopted, and the switch is flexible and light.

5. The valve has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, easy thermal insulation and easy installation. This valve is generally installed horizontally.

6. The integrated welded ball valve is developed by absorbing foreign technology and combining with the actual situation in China. It is made in China instead of imported to fill the domestic gap. It is widely used in long-distance pipeline fields such as natural gas, petroleum, heating, chemical industry and thermal power pipeline network.

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“Three supplies and one industry” is conducive to reducing the burden of state-owned enterprises and focusing on the development of main businesses. It is also conducive to the integration of resources, transformation and upgrading of infrastructure and further improving the living environment of employees. LIKE valve always adheres to the enterprise philosophy of “integrity, innovation, cooperation and win-win”, shapes itself with product quality and customer satisfaction, and surpasses itself with unremitting pursuit and sustainable development.

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